Finca Vigía (Ernest Saves Summer) LE Shave Soap

  • This will be a limited release and only available in shave soap and aftershave splash. This is for those who don’t determine their fragrance choice by season or just love the summer freshies. It is a mashup of Musashi and Ernest with a few minor tweaks. The uniquely fresh open of Musashi is present with the slight added sweetness of the mango and citrus from Ernest. The warmer elements of the dry down in Ernest bring a comforting richness that help anchor this a bit for use in the cooler months as well.

    Legendary 17th century samurai, Musashi travels through time and space to save his country from the ravages of winter. He meets many eccentric and inspiring characters along the way including presidents, artists, athletes, and even a talking mule named Blue. Not finding exactly what he is looking for and about to give up he stumbles into a bar in 20th century Havana. He sits down at the bar and strikes up a conversation with an author, adventurer and rum aficionado named Ernest. Over a long weekend, many Daiquiris and a few fine cigars they distill the essence of summer. To show his appreciation, Musashi agrees to name their creation after Ernest’s estate on the outskirts of Havana - Finca Vigía. Musashi arrives back in 17th century Japan just in time to save summer and share their creation with the people!

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