Tusitala Shave Soap

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    Tusitala or “teller of tales” was the name given to RLS by the Samoan people. It was also the name of the last full rigged merchant ship to fly the American flag. A new dawn awakens. You are instantly greeted with a compliment of bright and zesty citrus. Exotic and spicy cardamom provides a beautiful richness and complexity. Then, as if carried on a light summer breeze something fruity and somehow tropical begins to take shape. A tangy green peach ensnares the senses, while a beautiful floral combo of Jasmine and Orris add a slightly sweet and musky quality. A bittersweet Saffron and rich rum bring us to to the finish of this journey. Like a warm embrace at sunset that you never want to end Tusitala finishes with an enduring intimate and comforting quality. Rich and natural tobacco leaf and musk combine with the sweetness of tonka and deep woods.

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