Vincent - Van Gogh was perhaps the most famous artist the world has known.  His life and works exemplified the contrast of beauty and tragedy.  To illustrate this further, his most beloved work The Starry Night, from which we derived the number 11 (# of stars), was created just a month after having himself committed.  The inspiration for this complex fragrance was taken from the prolific period of Arles and Saint-Rémy.  The fragrance opens with the fresh, and bright yet floral combination of bergamot and lavender.  The heart of this fragrance merges a wonderfully sweet and nutty bitter almond with spicy and woody cypress.  A deep, rich finish that is both earthy and resinous is created by the combination of Oakmoss, Amber, and Vetiver.  Though Van Gogh only sold (1) painting during his lifetime, his works have left an indelible impression on the world of art.  We hope this fragrance leaves a lasting impression as well.