Fred Shave Soap

  • Q - “if you had to sum up the difference between your original soap and this in one word, what would it be?”

    A - MORE

    Is the original formula slick? This is in another category of slick!

    Did the original formula leave your skin feeling great? This might just cause a smile to spread across your face that lasts throughout the day!

    Did the original formula have a dense cushioning lather? You can create mounds of lather to spare with this formula!

    Tallow, Castor, and an assortment of milks and proteins combine to make an excellent, dense and creamy lather. The anti-inflammatory and skin nourishing mix in this soap ensures that your skin is on its way to feeling healthy and refreshed before you even reach for our post-shave serum. Give our new formula a try - trust us, your face will thank you!


    Our Fred range of products was designed specifically for those who want to enjoy an unscented grooming experience. Whether you have ultra-sensitive skin or just prefer an unscented product, we've got you covered. Why Fred you ask? We decided to honor the man who made being plain or normal into something classy to be emulated. If you think about it for a moment or take a trolley ride through his neighborhood, you might just guess the namesake.

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