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Ernest Parfum Extrait

  • Gentleman's Nod Ernest Parfum Extrait Bottled at a 27% concentration.

    Fragrance Creation - Vincent Kuczinski, MANE

    Olfactory Classification - Citrus, Fruity

    Ernest was my “first love” in our line of product aromas and so, fittingly it is first released in our core line up of fragrances.

    Created for adventurers, novelists, rum and cigar aficionado’s of all kinds. We took the inspiration for this fragrance from the Key West and Cuba days. Rumor has it that when attempting to catch a monster fish - sometimes it takes 85 days!

    Ernest opens up with a bright and uplifting (4) fold citrus accord with compliments from the tropical tang of Mango . The fragrance transitions with the addition of warm florals and tobacco. As the aroma settles into the skin it finishes with the warm notes of tobacco, vetiver and woods. Perfect for a late summer sunset stroll or casual dinner overlooking the water! Wearing this fragrance always leaves you with that "vacation vibe". At Extrait strength this fragrance will easily provide you with 6-8+ hours of performance as well.

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