Kensei Parfum Extrait

  • The first 150 bottles ordered from our site will include the custom screened red on black design.

    Fragrance Creation: Patricia Choux, MANE

    Fragrance Concentration: 30% Parfum Extrait

    Kensei opens with a beautifully unique citrus blast of Blood Orange, Yuzu, and Yellow Mandarin. It is light, juicy, tangy and undeniably uplifting. The sweet and crisp Nashi pear adds to this energizing and delectable opening.

    The fresh open transforms with the rich complexity of Lapsang Suchong tea. The uniqueness of this tea cannot be overstated. The tea is smoke dried over pine wood creating an effect that adds a hint of wood smoke and resin to the depth of black tea. The floral combo of Neroli and Violet keep the fragrance light and fresh extending the lift from the citrus open.

    An exotic mix of black pepper and saffron create a luxurious creamy, warm spiced effect that leads into a comforting woody finish.

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