Calabria Shave Soap

  • Citrus aromatic fragrances with a Mediterranean flair have always been a bit of a “guilty pleasure” for me. This is particularly true when they are anchored by the extraordinary citrus from Calabria, Bergamot.

    It is at once bright and invigorating with a unique bittersweet tartness. It’s uniqueness is bolstered by the subtle floral and herbal elements that hide just beneath the surface. Like a polished gemstone, it has many exemplary facets that shine through when combined with complementary notes.

    When developing Calabria we wanted to create an experience that is bright, effervescent and uplifting. Imagine the scene overlooking the beauty of the Italian coastline engaged in light conversation among friends. You order brunch while sipping on an Aperol Spritz. The sun is shining bright while the sounds of birds and the ocean are carried on a gentle breeze. - This is Calabria!

    The bright and tart Bergamot is combined with a sparkling and zesty grapefruit. This effervescent open is tempered a bit by the unique fresh aromatic combo of Ginger and Cardamom. A beautiful trio of florals headed by the amazing fruity Osmanthus blends harmoniously into the mix. The finish is soft and smooth with woods and musk. We hope you enjoy this truly exceptional expression of a citrus aromatic fragrance with a Mediterranean twist.

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