Bluegrass Muse Shave Soap

  • Bluegrass Muse is the first installment of our EPICureal collection. It is our attempt at deconstructing the aromas of food and beverage. This first iteration is the Kentucky Mule cocktail. This is a collaboration with the good gents @ How would we describe this fragrance? It is BOOZY, but not in a brash in your face way. The lime is very unique and forward. Anyone who is familiar with Southeast Asian cuisine should be familiar with Kaffir Lime. It has a depth and complexity far beyond your typical lime essential oil. Ginger had to be a player due to the ginger beer element in the cocktail, but we wanted to make sure the spice component was a bit more nuanced. To achieve this, we added Coriander, and Cardamom to the Ginger forward spice elements. Finally we wanted to give the fragrance a nice deep woodsy and slightly sweet finish which the Oak and Benzoin pulled off perfectly. We hope you enjoy! Cheers!

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