BRASS & SOUL illustrates the multi-sensory experience of performing as a musician in a jazz concert. A dynamic duality of cold and warm exists here: fresh, cooling, and invigorating notes of juniper berry, lavender, citruses, and watery notes are underscored by a heart warmer tones like intense spices, sharp gin, and aromatic lavender. A base of sweet and smooth vanilla, comforting woods, rich amber, and smoky notes contributes the deep warmth that so perfectly complements the cool.

Created with the Professional Man in mind, BUSINESS OVER PLEASURE has the essence of a man who has laserlike focus on setting lofty goals and achieving greatness. He focuses on the grind, but at the same time, plays hard and enjoys life. 

THE SIREN captures the two distinct worlds of the beautiful yet mysterious mythological creature. Seemingly innocent at first, the Siren sings a sweet, alluring and captivating melody of rich Cognac, Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Almond, Ginger and Cardamom, which inevitably draws you closer and closer. It soon transitions to a dark and deadly world - one of earthy Patchouli, warm Amber, and erotic Leather. Seafarers, you’ve been warned.

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