Sidama Origins Collection Parfum Extrait

  • Fragrance Creation: Ugo Charron, MANE

    Fragrance Classification: Woodsy/Ambery

    Fragrance Concentration: 27%

    I can still remember the first time I tried a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee. It’s been over 20 years now, but the memory has left an indelible impression. I was at my favorite coffee shop and roaster la costa coffee roasting in Carlsbad, CA. This is a 2nd generation, family owned business. Doug, the owner has a near encyclopedic knowledge of all things coffee. The coffee was bold, rich, and juicy; just bursting with flavor and intense aroma, the most prominent being blueberry. When we began creating fragrances with MANE I knew a fragrance as an ode to my favorite coffee and some beautiful memories had to be undertaken. A follow up to Musashi in our ORIGINs collection seemed the perfect opportunity as Sidama is considered by most to be the birthplace of coffee. The fragrance is designed to showcase coffee with the surrounding notes building on the birthplace of coffee Sidama, Ethiopia. The fragrance has a slightly sweet and boozy open that is coffee forward with fruity nuances from berries and apricot. As it transitions; a unique and creamy mix of Iris, lactonic features, and a hint of dark chocolate bridge the open and base. The fragrance dries down with a warm ambery and musky richness anchored by woods, spice, and earthy elements.

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