George Grooming Balm

  • Looking for that balm that does it all?

    Soften and Condition? The combination of deeply hydrating butters, natural vitamin E and lightweight oils, condition and soften while absorbing quickly and retaining a light weight feel.

    Provide hold for styling and taming fly aways? A bit of beeswax makes styling a breeze.

    Protect your skin and hair from the elements? A healthy serving of lanolin and squalane help maintain a moisture barrier preventing water loss ensuring your beard looks its best.

    Applies easily without feeling like your pulling your hair out? Our formula provides a silky smooth glide in application making it easier for our longer bearded brothers.

    [GEORGE 01]

    T: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Bergamot

    M: Rosewood, Fir, Eucalyptus, Labdanum, Rose

    D: Patchouli, Tobacco, Oak Moss, Amber, Musk

    Mr. Washington, POTUS #1, definitively a man's man represents our darker masculine fragrance. The fragrance opens with citrus and woods, mingled with florals and the complexity of labdanum. Traditional warm and earthy elements of Patchouli, Amber, Oak Moss, and Musk create the base of this deep fragrance. Taking cue from his tobacco cultivation at Mt. Vernon, we added a healthy portion of tobacco.

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