Cosecha Catalana SE Parfum Extrait & Shave Gift Set

  • Cosecha Catalana or Catalonian Harvest (Collita Catalana) in Catalan is a Mediterranean fragrance inspired by a fall harvest.

    The shave soap also contains a hint of natural peach to signify the late fall Catalonian peach harvest.

    A new morning dawns as you set your eyes upon a beautiful Mediterranean coastline. Immediately, you are met with an intensely aromatic, green and herbal aroma highlighted by bright citrus. Traveling inland, dry florals with herbal and woody accents draw you further into the sprawling countryside. As evening approaches, you are greeted by the comforting warmth of creamy woods and Golden Amber that is earthy, yet slightly sweet and resinous.

    Set Includes: Shave Soap, After Shave Splash, 50Ml Parfum Extrait ***Shave brush not included***

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