Shave Soap Flight

  • Want to try out our excellent shaving soaps, but not sure which scent you would like best. Buy a flight and try them all before you decide on a full sized product.  

    [ERNEST (85)]

    Notes of green mango, citrus, and tobacco flower.

    Created for adventurers, novelists, rum and cigar aficionado’s of all kinds.  We took the inspiration for this fragrance from the Key West and Cuba days.  Rumor has it that when attempting to catch a monster fish - sometimes it takes 85 days! Ernest is a bright, fresh, tropical citrus fragrance.

    [George 01]

    Notes of cedarwood, tobacco, and cherry.

    George Washington, POTUS #1, definitively a man’s man represents our darker masculine fragrance. Traditional warm and earthy elements create the base of this deep fragrance.

    [JACKIE 42]

    Notes of bergamot, sandalwood, and fresh grass.

    Jackie was a pioneer in numerous ways and eminently deserving of the Gentleman’s Nod as evidenced by the retiring of #42 across every MLB team! Jackie is the quintessential masculine fragrance. It is light, clean, and fresh.

    [VINCENT 11]

    Notes of Bergamot, Lavender, Bitter Almond, Cypress, and Vetiver.

    Van Gogh was perhaps the most famous artist the world has known. His life and works exemplified the contrast of beauty and tragedy. The inspiration for this complex fragrance was taken from the prolific period of Arles and Saint-Rémy. The number 11 is found in the number of stars in his most beloved work, The Starry Night.

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