Fred Shave Primer

  • What is Shave Primer?

    Is it a gel, surfactant, emollient, or high-performance skin care. Why YES it is all of those and more. It is a unique new pre-shave application specifically formulated to provide additional slickness, leading to less razor burn & nicks. Shave primer can also generate foam without the addition of shaving soap or cream. This helps to dramatically improve the structure and density of your lather resulting in more protection during your shave. Finally, shave primer is loaded with natural botanicals, emollients, and antioxidants plus hyaluronic acid that will leave your skin feeling soft, supple & nourished. When asked about the performance, many respondents can still feel a difference in slickness and lather density on a second and sometimes third pass, something most other pre-shave formulations fail to deliver.

    [Fred 00]


    Our Fred range of products was designed specifically for those who want to enjoy an unscented grooming experience. Whether you have ultra-sensitive skin or just prefer an unscented product, we've got you covered. Why Fred you ask? We decided to honor the man who made being plain or normal into something classy to be emulated. If you think about it for a moment or take a trolley ride through his neighborhood, you might just guess the namesake.

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