Zaharoff Signature CITRINE EdP 2oz

  • Zaharoff Signature CITRINE EDP Spray 60ml (2.0 oz) - this a limited run and only offered for the Summer 2022 season!

    Zaharoff Signature CITRINE is the first "freshie" in the collection. Instead of using typical oils that one connects with a "freshie" fragrance, we decided to build an oil around the Zaharoff incense from the Signature line with something more unconventional - clementine

    Clementine is a hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange and when the oil of clementine peel is extracted, it comes across as a wild orange with hints of lemon. We then played with actual sweet orange and mandarin to increase the experience...and what an experience!

    CITRINE is a true blast of citruses while staying true to the Zaharoff Signature DNA. It is a cleaner scent as the packaging shows.

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