Kanpai Limited Shave Soap

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    ***Cheers*** Available 4/3 /20 @5pm

    With our new Cardinal base we worked hard to improve the slickness, post-shave feel, and lather structure of our popular red label (Legends) base. Through the introduction of additional milks, proteins and skin care ingredients we believe we have succeeded in this endeavor.

    Kanpai is commonly used as the expression "cheers" in Japanese. What are we toasting or celebrating? Kanpai expresses our desire to give thanks and celebrate with the community that has supported us in our first year. Why Japan? This will become more clear later this year, but our fragrance inspiration will remain in this region during this year. Chris developed this fragrance with inspiration from a recipe Boyd found while researching Japanese gin based cocktails. Kanpai is a Boozy, zesty, citrus fragrance anchored by spice and herbal notes with an effervescent freshness. It reminds us of having a refreshing cocktail overlooking the ocean with the warm spring sun on your face and a cool sea breeze moving through the air. Kanpai is an original fragrance that we designed and blended in house. It has notes of Gin, Yuzu, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, Ginger, Asian Plum, Cardamom, Coriander, Sweet Basil and Anise. It also has a groovy mix of aldehydes that create a unique, almost effervescent freshness.

    Each full size Kanpai shaving soap will ship with a coaster, containing a drink recipe to compliment the fragrance.

    Kanpai will be released on Friday 4/3 @ 5:00PM CST.

    The Gents


    Chris & Boyd

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