George Pre-Shave Oil

  • Looking for a pre-shave that protects without feeling like you have to thin it out with water?

    Wish your pre-shave was just a bit slicker?

    Want a pre-shave that actually softens the beard and skin?

    Our pre-shave oil is designed to strike that perfect balance of slickness and cushion. To achieve this result, we combined oils of Castor and Safflower to the high performance skin and beard softening trio of Jojoba, Avocado, and Natural Vitamin E. Perfect for preparing the beard or head for the ideal shave.

    [George 01]

    Notes of cedarwood, tobacco, and cherry.

    George Washington, POTUS #1, definitively a man’s man represents our darker masculine fragrance. Traditional warm and earthy elements create the base of this deep fragrance.

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