**Zaharoff Collaboration** - Zaharoff Signature Collection -Restocked**

Zaharoff + Turn -N-Shave - 27mm Ftip V6 Brush

This beautiful brush is a custom designed piece from Turn-N-Shave.  We commissioned this brush to commemorate our Collaboration with Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme.  The copper flakes and resin coordinate with the Zaharoff Collection Packaging.  The Zuperman / Gentleman's Nod custom coin imbedded in the handle marks this one of a kind collaboration.  This brush handle is set with one of Milton's most sought after knots, the 27mm Ftip V6 2 band Badger.  The below description comes directly from the Turn- N-Shave site:

27mm FTIP V6- Fan shaped knot. very dense knot, not too much backbone but tons of gel! Tiny glue bump so the backbone is provided by the knot density. Very soft knot! Tips are very white. Tester did gel and personally I'm really happy with this batch and size of knots! Recommended loft is 50mm. If you want gel this is the knot to go with!!! This knot i guarantee will gel. Keep in mind it will need lots of soap due to the gel.


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