Complimentary Sample Request 1.5ml

  • We released our first fragrance Musashi just over a year ago now. It has been such a joy to work with the team of talented people at MANE to create such beautiful aromas.

    However, we believe these fragrances deserve a MUCH wider representation. We want to give a LOT more people the opportunity to get their noses on these fantastic creations. Yes, we started as a men’s grooming brand that specializes in shaving products, but we truly believe our fragrances are world class as well. We want to honor all the hard work and dedication that goes into creating such fragrances. From the farmers, to perfumers and all involved these works should be enjoyed by so many more.

    With that being said, for a limited time, while supplies last we are offering complimentary samples of our fragrances with any purchase over $5.00. Please choose (one) fragrance you would like to try from the drop down menu. Also, include your second choice in the order notes just in case we don’t currently have your first choice. We may even send both (no promises)!

    For more information on our available fragrances, please check out our fragrances page.Due to shipping costs and exclusions, this offer is only available to addreses in the continental US.

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